How To Not Worry About Money Ever Again (And It’s Not What You Think!)


The Key To A Stress-Free Financial Life

So now that we all agree that removing money from our lives is the best course of action, let’s walk through the steps on how exactly to make this happen.

  1. Automate All Your Bills. The first step to ridding yourself of ever dealing with money is to just automate all your bills. Heck, might as well do it on credit cards to get you some free travel too! Whatever it takes to not have to think about money and live life as it should be lived: money free!
  2. Automate Your Budget For Necessities. Your bills are no longer a bother, they automatically pay themselves. Phew! Now it’s time to automate all other spending. Don’t let that grimy cash touch your perfect hands, gross! No, just hop on over to, go to the “Budgets” section and create your budget to track all of your discretionary spending. You can then set email notifications for when you hit the budget limit on those items. No more thinking about money, just stay within your normal spending, and Mint will let you know as you hit your limit for a certain category. No thinking = no worries!
  3. Automate All Your Savings. Now that you have all your bills and spending taken care of, there’s all this leftover money still there, still mocking you, still stressing you out! Let’s get rid of it!!! First, setup automation on your bank account to send a set amount of money to your savings account for your savings buckets. Next, make sure you are investing up to your 401k match at work. Next, setup an automatic withdrawal to send money straight into your IRA at Vanguard. If you still have some leftover, put the rest toward your 401k for maximum tax benefit, and continued dollar-cost-averaging.

Phew! No more lost sleep thinking about your money, because it’s ALL FREEKING GONE! What a relief!

When The Money Disappears, So Does The Stress

It’s funny, but it totally works. When you don’t even have to think about the money, there’s no stress. As long as you have set out a plan to minimize wasted spending, and maximize valuable saving, you can enjoy life MUCH more!

So go ahead, get rid of all your money. Everyone’s doing it. Except, instead of blowing it on a hybrid car, save your way to financial freedom instead