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From technical support to advanced programming contact me for projects in Java, Networks, System Admin, Linux, PHP, MySQL, Perl.

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What I do

I am a universal developer who is dedicated to his craft, writes code that I am proud of and can hit the ground running. I can write beautiful, fast functions to a high standard, in a timely and scalable way that improves the code-base of your products in meaningful ways.  
    I love to troubleshoot and test the core software and databases to ensure strong optimization and functionality,  I have contributed in all phases of the development lifecycle and I do my best to follow industry best practices.
    I specialize in developing and deploying new features to facilitate related procedures and tools and have worked with many specialized groups.
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Latest on my blog

Great deals at walmart and looking for a contract or freelance work.

We got a great deal at walmart for a 51in plasma tv for $230.  Heck of a deal right after christmas.  Now I have to find a way to make money in portland,  I hear computer work is hot here so there is lots of people to call. Read more..

We Moved to Portland, OR! Or Close by ... :P

We finaly made the trip after more than a year of prep and selling all of our stuff.  Now we are here and need to buy all new furniture for our place and get everyone unpacked.  Bit by bit we will be done soon.  Read more..