About Me


I have extensive experience developing user applications in multiple environments and languages, this includes software, web, and server development as well as creation of the user interface for the systems.   I have supported several government and fortune 100 companies, also repaired critical design systems which required a Secret security clearance.  I have extensive experience with significant systems and has installed and repaired emergency room systems for the Health industry.   I have a broad range of experience of over 20 years. I am very experienced in troubleshooting IT systems and development.


Laptop, Computer and Network Support

Hard-drive crash? Password lost or inaccessible? Network stop working? Unable to access the Internet? Been hacked or sabotaged by a virus? No matter what your computer emergency, if you're in the Portland, Oregon area, I will help.

Programming, Apps or Websites

I have been programming since 1989 in dozens of different languages.  If you need a new website, a complete mobile app or a custom designed program I can help you plan out and potentially program it for you depending on scale.

SEO Marketing, Copywriting

I have been the webmaster for a 3.5 Million Dollar business, designed small and large web apps for international businesses and work with a select group of internet marketing experts.  I can get you started on your marketing and business plan.


If you have any questions, or if you'd like to find out whether I am the right computer consultant to help your business meet its technology challenges, I invite you to contact me.

Jeremy Gaul Laptop and Computer repair in Portland, Gresham, Vancouver and Oregon

Jeremy Gaul Laptop and Computer repair in Portland, Gresham, Vancouver and Oregon

A Personal Note

Sometimes all you need is a technician to come in and fix this or upgrade that. But other times, you need someone to look at the end results of those changes, and to suggest other options. Many times a quick technical fix now causes more costly problems down the road. A business savvy computer consultant is able to help you problem-solve and find cures and solutions that will serve you as well tomorrow as they do today.